Top ten reasons to be Italian (and live in Italy) cont.

Today’s continuation of Top ten reasons to be Italian (and live it Italy).

4.  You get to eat the BEST and BIGGEST Easter Eggs ever!


Image result for italian easter eggs

Image result for italian easter eggs

Easter is taken seriously in Italy, and nowhere more so than with the giving and receiving of Easter Eggs.  They are the most colorful, ornate and decorated eggs I have ever seen!



5.  You get to lay down in the middle of the day.

Yes the siesta is alive and well.  And before you scoff just remember that Italy is one of the G8 countries which means it is one of the 8 most productive countries in the world.  (Confirming research that shows sleep and work/life balance actually contributes to sustainable effort) .  At 1.00pm until 4.00pm each day all shops and professional services (lawyers, dentists, doctors, accountants) shut their doors to partake in an appropriate lunch (Top 10 reason no.1) and then snooze, rest, sleep it off before starting the second half of the working day from 4.00pm til 8.00 (this doesn’t apply to office workers who have to power on with only a lunch and a walk followed by a stiff coffee to keep them going).  I particularly love this quiet part of the day where my suburb shuts down and a peaceful silence descends.






6.  You get to have two birthdays.

I love birthdays and was determined to make a big fuss over my husband’s birthday when we were first going out.  Imagine my surprise when four months earlier than his birthday, his parents, siblings, niece and nephew, God-mother, friends and colleagues all began calling early in the morning to wish him a ‘Happy Onomastico‘ (Happy Name-Day), delivering gifts and asking him ‘what was he was doing for his onomastico?’

It is a tradition in Italy to be named after a Saint or after a family member (who was originally named after a Saint) and each Saint has a special day of the year named after them.  San Vincenzo is April 5th and all those guys who are named Vincenzo celebrate their Onomastico on that day.  Same with San Francesco(a), San Guiseppe, Sant’ Alfredo, San Valentino etc.

There are cards, cake, presents, celebrations.  How is that not like a birthday?

Image result for onomastico san giovanni

Next time, the last four top reasons to be Italian.

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2 thoughts on “Top ten reasons to be Italian (and live in Italy) cont.

  1. Buongiorno!

    My name is Noelle and I work in the marketing department for Tram Tracks and I am a big fan of your blog. I have been reading it recently and I decided to contact you.

    Domenico, the director of Tram Tracks, believes you and him have a lot in common. He is an “expat” – born and raised in the US (right outside of Philly) and living in Roma since 2000.
    He led the rich expat’s life while working at FAO for many years but decided he would be happier following his dreams to become a musician.

    About two years ago, Domenico started a really entertaining evening activity here in Roma called Tram Tracks. These are evening excursions around the city with an apericena, unlimited wine and a live concert (rock / pop, not too heavy / not too soft, Italian / American ). Tram Tracks is on a historic Roman Tram and drives past many of the city’s most beautiful sites – San Giovanni, Terme di Caracalla and a 15 minute stop for dancing and selfies in front of the Colosseo. Last summer, Domenico’s Roman girlfriend (turned business partner) Simona and him started River Tracks. River Tracks navigates along the Tevere past Isola Tiberina , San Pietro and a 15 minute stop in front of Castel Sant’Angelo.

    If you are interested, it would be our honor to have you (plus 1 guest ticket) to join us to one of our shows.

    Please let us know what you think!

    Noelle Nguyen
    +39 334 732 8705


    • Hi Noelle,

      What a fantastic email to recieve and offer. I really appreciate your feedback and reaching out to me. I am so glad that my blog inspires people like yourself and Domenico. I have looked at Tram Tracks and would love to be a guest the next time I am in Rome. At the moment I am living in Melbourne mostly so I won’t be able to take up your offer yet but for sure I will when I am next in Rome.

      I will also advertise Tram Tracks on my FB page and blog and to my network of friends in Rome. It looks like fantastic fun. Would you be interested in doing some PR for my book? Either through your website or tours? I have been told by many readers that they have booked a trip to Rome as a result of reading it or extended their stay in Rome or wished they had read it before going to Rome. So it is obviously something that helps visitors to Rome get more out of their trip (as does your tour I imagine). Let me know what you think and the best way of going about this. You are the marketing wiz! 🙂



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